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  • Prescribing Observatory of Mental Health: Royal College of Psychiatrists. National Schizophrenia Audit

  • Prescribing Observatory of Mental Health: Royal College of Psychiatrists. Prescribing in Personality Disorder

  • Availability of Physical Health Equipment in In-patient units at SEPT. Abraham A, Pathak A, Bartha A. SEPT

  • Revolving door patients in CMHT. Shaimaa ABOELENIEN, Abu Abraham. SEPT 

  • Is CMHT doing its duty? Bojona Aleksic , Abu Abraham. SEPT

  • Foundation Year Expansion. Trick or Treat. Abraham A, Raoof A & Michael A. 

  • CMHT resources in OPC clinics at Taylor Centre. Catherine Rowlands, Abraham A. SEPT

  • Audit on readmissions to General Adult in-patient units. Abraham A, Easow J. SEPT

  • Audit on the experience of Trainees in Psychotherapy training. Abraham A, Singh A. SEPT

  • Anti smoking policy. Status 2 years on in Acute Inpatient General Adult Psychiatry units. Abraham A & Thet Aye. SEPT

  • The Flu Pandemic. A survey of the medical skills of psychiatrists in assessment and management of Influenza. Abraham A & Reddy S. SEPT

  • Audit on Physical health monitoring in Adult in-patient psychiatric units. Shaikh F, Abraham A & Deacon V. Leeds Mental Health Trust.

  • EEG interpretation by junior doctors in psychiatry during ECT. Abraham A and Rattehalli R. Leeds Mental Health Trust.

  • Physical Health Monitoring of Patients on Antipsychotics. Abraham A, Kam A and Brookes G. Leeds Mental Health Trust

  • Management of Insomnia in the Elderly. Abraham A, Kam A and Branton T. Leeds Mental Health Trust

  • Pattern of Inpatient Referrals to Liaison Psychiatry Unit. Gupta D, Abraham A, Lodi R and Kumar M. Leeds Mental Health Trust.


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